Terms and Conditions

1. Revisions 

General project fees include unlimited rounds of refinements. Any other requested revisions, major overhauls, will require upfront additional fees before I commence work. These fees will be started before commencing the additional work.

2. Billing

An upfront payment of the total project fee must be made. An invoice will be sent to the client via Paypal only. Payments must be made. Refunds are set at 50% off the original project total fee.       

3. Intellectual Property

Crystel Graphics agrees to transfer copyright ownership of final designs to the client. Crystel Graphics retains ownership for promotional uses. Crystel Graphics retains ownership of all development work and discarded concepts. Crystel Graphics accepts no liability regarding third party rights. Commerical use of the work is allowed for streaming.

4. Wait Time 

2-3 months. I am someone who is busy and with another job. Please be patient. 

5. Rush Order

Rush orders are 50% of the original price of the commission piece.